New Foundation!!!
Framing the Walls
Lowering the House
Plumbing n' Drainage
Radiant Heat
Pouring the Slab
New Stucco
Our Kitchen


Demolition is complete! Now it is all about building!!!!  These guys are AMAZING!


Isn't she lovely?  And aren't our neighbors wonderful for putting up with this mess! (thank you!)

It took about a month to demolish and remove the foundation.  Jack hammers to dig through our clay; a bob cat and 40 big dump trucks full of dirt and cement; a back hoe.  We had a pretty good week of storms blow in at the beginning of November so the house was surrounded in plastic.  The plastic helps minimize the dust as well.

Now for the laborious building process.  Trenches are expertly dug by our General Contractor Dan Daigle.  Using a back hoe, Dan digs out  trenches for the exterior and interior walls.  Imagine a little boy in a sand box - then magnify it by 100.

Wooden forms for the foundation are built.  Rebar is bent through the forms to reinforce the concrete.  The concrete will be poured the first week of December.  Then walls will be built from the concrete up to our existing upper floors.  Once the walls are built and the concrete is dry, the house will be set back down!  They expect the house to sit on the new foundation by Christmas time!!

In the meantime Michael and I have a lot of decisions to make!  We have windows to choose, concrete colors and textures to pick.  There are so many choices, ways to prioritize and price points that we are dizzy with our options.

Tenting.JPG (52304 bytes)        Tent from rear.JPG (59068 bytes) 

More pictures of the exterior -   West side of the house     The rear.      Now all we need are clowns and elephants!

      Dan working the backhoe2.JPG (53283 bytes)        Bob builds forms.JPG (46304 bytes)          Shane builds forms.JPG (42929 bytes)         Northeast forms.JPG (44933 bytes)       4 and half feet high.jpg (41743 bytes)

         Dan and his back hoe   Bob building forms   Shane tying rebar       The tallest part of the foundation

                                                                                                                           is about 4 1/2 feet on the uphill side

                                    Transverse forms.JPG (45813 bytes)                Northeast & interior forms.JPG (57501 bytes)                Stack of wood in driveway.JPG (61434 bytes)

                                Trench for the load            Form for exterior                This pile of wood

                               bearing center wall            East side wall                 will be our lower walls!


Over 150 tie downs were cast into the concrete.  The tie downs serve to bolt the walls to the foundation.


                                                        Rebar interior weightbearing wall.jpg (40140 bytes)                                Holding rebar close up.jpg (34122 bytes)

                                                    Footing for the NE wall                Tie downs suspended within

                                                                                                            forms to be cast in place.