We were fortunate that Berkeley Construction had the foundation poured before the seemingly never-ending storm began.  A total of six cement mixers full of concrete (55 cubic yards) was poured!

This view is standing at the north east end of the house looking inwards. 

The big jog in the framing is for the apartment bedroom window.


Bolts for walls.JPG (35516 bytes)                      Footing for MA closet apt br.JPG (39825 bytes)                Freshly poured foundation.JPG (33580 bytes)                Footing for interior stairs.JPG (37089 bytes)

Tie downs for                 Foundation running        Newly poured        Mechanical room aptly named

   the walls


                      Retaining the retaining wall above.JPG (36312 bytes)                                NE Wall looking down.JPG (34383 bytes)                            Orange Bulbs.JPG (42070 bytes)

Retaining the retaining wall                        NE wall looking down           Garden of Orange Bulbs

        on the Northeast side                     4 1/2 feet at highest point         (to keep shin from rebar)