Our kitchen was okay.  Not much for counter space and it was very isolated from the living and dinning rooms.  So, we told our General, Dan "Dan, while you're at it....."

View - kitchen from nook.JPG (26202 bytes) Can you take the doorway to the left of the stove and tear it out...

Rough frame and electrical.JPG (33641 bytes) Then cover up the other doorway.  We never use it.

Fridge room all taped up.JPG (28684 bytes)

James pulling up linoleum and nails.JPG (28607 bytes)  Yeah, let's tear out the old linoleum.  Thanks for the help, James.

Future place for future stove.JPG (28091 bytes)    This new framing will allow for a 30" stove with countertop on both sides.

Pass through framing.jpg (30765 bytes)  The countertop will wrap around to the other side so guests can have a seat and a drink.


As of 7-1-03 we still have a ways to go.