Framing for doorway for apartment's eastside bedroom 

Fortunately, while the storms blew in one after the other with very little pause, the guys were able to work under the plastic-sheeted house while outside, buckets of rain fell and gusty winds blew.  

Exterior, then interior,  walls were built from the new foundation up.  Exact sizes and locations for the doors and windows were decided upon (finally).  Even a doggie door will be framed into an exterior wall!


The apartment is taking shape!  Take a look:

Apt Front door will be here.JPG (52161 bytes)                Bathroom window opening.JPG (48546 bytes)                Looking out of the kitchen window.JPG (22304 bytes)                Exterior view of kitchen area.JPG (47893 bytes)

Entrance                             bathroom                    Looking out            The kitchen window

                                                window                    kitchen window     will look out from here

                                                                              (into a plastic sheet)

HOW DID THEY DO THAT?!  Good question ... read on!

Bob cuts plywood.JPG (59832 bytes)               Cut wood here.JPG (60355 bytes)                 Dog2.JPG (55186 bytes)                      Jeff checks if window is in right place.JPG (53819 bytes)

        Temporary work tables set up              Watchful eye of the            Careful planning

        in the side and front yards                 Berkeley Construction




Okay, it was not quite as simple as that!  The foundation was poured on December 6th - this picture was taken on the 20th.  So in less than 2 weeks they turned a mountain of 2 X 8s, 2 X 4s and sheets of plywood into  new walls!  The 2 X 8s used to frame the foundation was reused for framing the exterior walls!  Reuse and Recycle!  We like that!

Framing apt bdrm2 window.JPG (40455 bytes)                     Bob builds interior wall.JPG (39302 bytes)                    Looking down the centerline.JPG (57346 bytes)                       Our new stairs will be here.JPG (55813 bytes)

Plywood for                           2 X 4s for                    Using a plank                           Front stairway

exterior walls                      interior walls              to walk between                         will be built here

                                                                                       lower split levels


Framing windows is very exacting work

Working on bathroom window opening from exterior.JPG (54649 bytes)                      Smiles from bathroom window.JPG (58678 bytes)                  Looking into the kitchen area.JPG (52253 bytes)                    Working on bathroom window opening.JPG (49489 bytes)

    Apartment                       Making sure it                     Looking through bathroom window

bathroom window           measures out


Once the framing is completed, the house will be set down on the new walls and foundation

The house will be lowered this much- interior.JPG (20058 bytes)                                    The house will be lowered this much - exterior.JPG (18287 bytes)

The house will be lowered this much - Interior Wall view - Exterior Wall view


                                           Walkway in front of kitchen.JPG (68305 bytes)                                 Exterior along the driveway.JPG (44314 bytes)

                                Do you think my grass                            The rare blue sky

                                        will come back :(