Once the new perimeter foundation was poured, and the weight bearing walls were built,

the house could be set back down.

The upper floor was lowered this much. 


Exterior Framing:

        East side wall interior.jpg (24998 bytes)        Materials against house.JPG (29272 bytes)       View from Bathroom Window.jpg (24960 bytes)        

Plywood encased the framing to make sure it remains square.  


A well-deserved rest in the window of our future master bedroom.


Interior Framing:

Apt Framing.JPG (38149 bytes)                    Temporary lunch spot.JPG (35612 bytes)                    Apt lroom, broom & bedroom.JPG (34688 bytes)                    Framing btwn 2 bedrooms.JPG (42040 bytes)


Lowering of the House:


    Beam and Joists.jpg (29608 bytes)                    Making walls square before lowering.jpg (31717 bytes)                        Nailing Walls in place.jpg (29912 bytes)                    Tools of the Trade.jpg (29417 bytes)

      I-beam, joists             Making sure the upper walls        Once the house is                tools of the trade

      and crib.                    line up with the lower walls.         down, nail guns in action                

                                                                                                to secure walls to frame

The windows go here:

Cut window frames north west.JPG (33108 bytes)            Apt LRoom window frame.JPG (33299 bytes)            Newly cut front window frames.JPG (34285 bytes)            SW side.JPG (32896 bytes)            Windows southwest.JPG (27314 bytes)