Pretty and strong guys!

41 Our house was here ....JPG (42706 bytes)                                Now it is here ..- Jewel.JPG (48650 bytes)

First our house was                        Then it was here!

                                                                this height ...

How did they do that?!  Well,  here is my attempt at photojournalism....

ChmneyRemoved.JPG (40218 bytes)                    RemovingTileSurround.JPG (38567 bytes)            01 House sawed in half.JPG (54546 bytes)                    05 Propping up porch.JPG (44462 bytes)

First they removed            Our fireplace too         Then they sort of shaved        They propped up the porch

the chimney                                :(                             the plaster off the side 

                                                                                        of the house


Then the real work began.  Solares Housemovers came in. 

I have never seen men work so hard...

  06 Building the Cribs.jpg (44889 bytes)                    06 Janga.JPG (49317 bytes)                    09 Crane and steel beam.JPG (50852 bytes)                    10 Crane Driver - Solaris Brother.JPG (44719 bytes)               

6 by 6 blocks of wood            Like Janga!            Then the big toys came in            Crane Driver

    Stacked up ...                6 stacks in all - in the             THE CRANE!                    Solares Brother

                                           important pressure points

                 12 Steel beam.JPG (47904 bytes)                            13b Steel beam under house - almost there.JPG (50634 bytes)                           16 Carrying steel beam 2.JPG (56475 bytes)        

They steered 20' steel                        The beams were placed            One of the steel beams

beams through the gaping holes            atop of the cribs            had to be carried by hand to the rear

in the front and rear of our house                                                                          of the house!


                                                 22 Jack, crib & beam.JPG (49005 bytes)                             39 Entire house on janga sticks.JPG (48756 bytes)

Slowly they used hand jacks to

raise the beams to the top of the joists        

sliding the 6 by 6 cribs in as they went        


Once the house was balanced on the beams (only one large "Crack!"), there was no need for walls!

  28 Removing the walls.JPG (54743 bytes)                34 No need for these walls, either.JPG (56124 bytes)           32 Wall is in the way.JPG (55736 bytes)        29 Removing walls with crowbars.JPG (56986 bytes)        33 No need for these walls.JPG (59424 bytes)

No need for these            Or these...                    Take 'em away        Last few boards        Yeah, we got in

                                                                                                                                                        on the action


While we were having fun with the sawzall, the hydraulic jacks were gaining 3000 psi of pressure.  

Then, when the beams were all level, and there was nothing attached to the foundation,

they let the hydraulic jacks do their work.  Mighty fast the house levitated like a Houdini magic trick!

    26 Hydrolic Jacks.JPG (57678 bytes)                    27 Compressor and hoses.JPG (52280 bytes)

     Hydraulic Jacks         Compressor and Hoses


TA DA!!!!

308 NW corner - after.JPG (45454 bytes)    308 SW corner - after.JPG (43594 bytes)    Whole house up from rear.JPG (48436 bytes)

Michael ladder 2.JPG (44976 bytes)                    Michael on porch.JPG (44474 bytes)                    Ashley and Mikey tounge.JPG (37870 bytes)

                                    Now we need an 8'                    And there is no                    Our new friend

                        ladder to climb into the house        way down in front                        in Dublin