THE BOBCAT

They leveled our back yard, removed all of the concrete that was in the basement along with a big slab of concrete that served as the shower floor.  Oh yeah, they removed our front steps too!  Take a look!

                                                       Day 3 Crack on S-W corner.JPG (59297 bytes)

                  A good example of why we have to do this in the first place...yikes



    Day 3 All Gone.JPG (40331 bytes)                        Day 3 Removing shower slab 1.JPG (40900 bytes)                        Day 3 Removing shower slab 2.JPG (37436 bytes)

The challenge ...                  with a bobcat....                        no problem.


Day 3 Backing up.JPG (49256 bytes)        Day 3 Wow, flexibility of the Cat.JPG (49656 bytes)        Day 3 Dragging the slab out.JPG (55347 bytes)        Day 3 The lift ...JPG (54056 bytes)        Day 3 and dump.JPG (62007 bytes)

Backing up           Heavy load           Dragging                Lifting                  2-points


    Day 3 No more stairs.JPG (44760 bytes)            Day 3 How do I get up there.JPG (48722 bytes)            Day 3 How do I get down.JPG (50137 bytes)            Day 3 I'm confused.JPG (50276 bytes)

No more stairs        How do I get up?    How do I get down?    I'm confused

                             Day 3 Potty anyone.JPG (48596 bytes)                                    Day 3 Dan, the GC and Mikey.JPG (68039 bytes)

                           Potty anyone?              Hey Mister, where did you put my stairs?