bobcat, dump truck & dog.JPG (57685 bytes)                   bobcat & boy.JPG (58599 bytes)                       A girl & her bobcat.JPG (59580 bytes)        

This WAS our backyard...     "I can't wait to ride this!"     Note to insurance co.:

                                                                                       the female on equipment was

                                                                                      superimposed on picture....

  bobcat & dump truck.JPG (49933 bytes)                            Do I still use the doggie door.JPG (46663 bytes)                               This was the office ....JPG (41754 bytes)                

Big ol' hole!                  Do I still use the doggie door?    This WAS the dungeon 

                                                    Weak foundation.JPG (62254 bytes)

                                            Crumbling foundation