This is the fun part!

Bashing in plaster with hammers, prying off pink tile, pulling lath, removing floor tile, asbestos and all, (we hired professionals for that!).

Dust, dust, dust.

Also drilling the first holes for the radiant heating system and replacing old wiring.

      Plaster and Lathe.JPG (29334 bytes)        Paul destroying the closet.jpg (31871 bytes)        Pulling plaster in hallway.JPG (30236 bytes)        Hey, that was the pink shower!.JPG (33131 bytes)        Marco pulling plaster.JPG (27747 bytes)                  

        plaster & dust         Hey! Those                Pulling lath        My pink shower...     Tearing the walls out

                                           were my cabinets                                            (sniff)


    Holes.JPG (22378 bytes)           Monster in the dungeon.JPG (34898 bytes)             Paul in the closet.jpg (44804 bytes)                Big Boy's dump truck.JPG (48865 bytes)            Goin' to the dump.JPG (56259 bytes)

If I put a hole here..       Can I see through       Monster in the closet                Big boy                         Little girl  

                                       the other side?                                                               dump truck                 dump truck 


    Michael thru wall.JPG (48823 bytes)     No more closet.JPG (35860 bytes)                                        Mounting Converters.JPG (35856 bytes)      Converters lookin' purty.JPG (37742 bytes)

Dust, baby, dust          Forewoman                                              Mounting              Aint they purty

                                      looking on                                              the inverters


    The basement that was ......


               The cabinets that were.jpg (41076 bytes)      The hallway that was.jpg (43394 bytes)      The bathroom that was.jpg (38003 bytes)      and this is where the 2nd br will be.jpg (42519 bytes)      The dungeon that was.jpg (42225 bytes)    

                  The closets            The hallway          The bathroom        Do you think we       The dungeon        

                    that were                that was                    that was        should redo the floors?    that was


    And now for the asbestos ...

                                                Asbestos removal.JPG (38986 bytes)                Danger - Asbestos.JPG (36064 bytes)


    Can you visualize ...


                                            and this is where their living room will be.jpg (46892 bytes)                            Do you think we should redo the floors.jpg (46465 bytes)        

                                         The living room & 1                      The 2nd bedroom 

                                        bedroom will be here                         will be here             


Planning for a radiant heating system

The first couple of pictures show our new friend and future housemate helping out with drilling holes in the joists below the main part of the house.  We will run plastic tubing (PEX) through the holes.  Once a manifold is installed there will be warm water running through these tubes.  This water heats the surfaces of each floor, which will provide heat to both our home and the apartment.  Cool, huh!

                                        DJ drilling holes for radiant.JPG (29092 bytes)                                        A Man and His Drill.JPG (38357 bytes)

        DJ using a right angle drill to bore holes into the joists.       DJ & his drill

Replacing the wiring ....

Michael is having a heck of a time replacing the wiring.  Trying to drill a hole from the attic, through the wall to a certain spot proved trying and, well ... take a look ...

                                        OOPS!.JPG (29550 bytes)                                Spaghetti.JPG (26982 bytes)

                                            OOPS!              But he did it!  Here are the new wires 

                                                                                he strung from the attic.

                                                                                     GOOD JOB!