MikeyOnLawn1.JPG (76250 bytes)            Hikin' Fuzzstyriopeep.JPG (42599 bytes)            J & m in sunlight.JPG (49790 bytes)            MikeyInChair.JPG (36845 bytes)       

Day on the Green               Hikin' Dog                 A Girl n' Her Dog              Lazy Boy


  The Hills Are Alive With Fuzzy Dogs.JPG (33018 bytes)             Paradise Valley Meadow 2.JPG (46928 bytes)            Skinny Legs N All.JPG (88216 bytes)            Sweetest, beautifulest dog in the whole ...JPG (60337 bytes)       

The hills are alive               Paradise                     Skinny Legs                The cutest dog

 with fuzzy dogs                                                          and all                    in da whoolllle world!


                     Yeah, this is paradise.JPG (174769 bytes)                Chasing Chipmonks.JPG (62748 bytes)

                      Paradise 2                Chasing Chipmunks