We're having twins!  Wow!  It took us about a week to get over the shock,  and although we are still in disbelief from time to time, we're elated and terrified ... but that's true for all new parents, isn't it?

                                                                                         Here is their first photo  :)


                                                                                Birds eye view - looking down at their heads

                                                                            Affectionately known as "Twin A" & "Twin B"


Q:  Do you know their genders?

A:  Yes,  they are both girls!

Q:  Do you know if they are fraternal or identical?

A:  The doctors believe they are fraternal.  In their photo above, the line between the heads looks like a membrane.  There is a chance that identical can have separate embryonic sacs, but that is very rare. 

Q:  Do you have names picked out yet?

A:  Not yet.  We probably won't make our final decision until after they are born and that is when we will announce their names.

Q:  Will you dress them alike?

A:  No we will not (with 100% support from adult twins with lots of do's and don'ts advice), but we do like same pattern, different colors; or same color, different patterns.  We won't always dress them in pink - but will dress them in ALL colors :)

Q:  Are you registered?

A:  Yes we are :)  See details below.  Thanks for your support!

Registry Information:

We are registered at the following websites:

www.morethan1.com - they offer items especially for twins - we've registered under Jewel & Michael Jauregui

http://www.babycenter.com/registry - we've registered under Jewel Jauregui or Michael Palmquist

www.babyage.com  - we've registered under Jewel Jauregui or Michael Palmquist